eLABa objektas:   "Filtrato dinamika Jėrubaičių sąvartyne", 2010,D:20100616:100446-01172
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Institucija Lietuvos žemės ūkio universitetas
Mokslo kryptis 04 T - Aplinkos inžinerija ir kraštotvarka
Atsakomybė Simaitis, Donatas - Magistro baigiamojo darbo autorius
Grybauskienė, Vilda - Magistro baigiamojo darbo vadovas
Taparauskienė, Laima - Magistro baigiamojo darbo recenzentas
Kvaraciejus, Algis - Magistro baigiamojo darbo recenzentas
Lietuvos žemės ūkio universitetas - Mokslinį laipsnį teikianti institucija
Antraštė (-ės) Filtrato dinamika Jėrubaičių sąvartyne
Landfill leachate dynamic in Jėrubaičiai
Santrauka [EN]

Landfill is considered as one of the main geo-environmental polluters. Therefore, in most countries they are inventoried, analyzed and forecast their impact for the natural environment. Lithuania landfill’s environmental problem is also relevant. Consequently, there are taken appropriate actions about landfills and their accumulation of pollution assessment. This was done and it is still ongoing landfill inventory. In some landfills there were carried out a wide range of detail geological-hydrogeological researches.

This document analyzes Jėrubaičiai landfill leachate dynamics. There is available landfill leachate accumulated movement scheme and its cleaning by reverse osmosis method. This analysis shows leachate flow dynamics in different meteorological conditions. Research period was from 2008.05.15 to 2008.12.31. Selected research period is covering all seasons and represents Lithuanian meteorological conditions. In this document explored formation of leachate dependency from incoming garbage amount and weather conditions. Research data are represented graphically; program STATISTICA was used for statistical data processing.

Raktažodžiai: landfill, leachate, weather conditions, reverse osmosis, monitoring.